Repurposing books

I’m interested in ideas about repurposing old books and I’ve seen some clever ones, but I’m ambivalent about the process. Most of the ideas involve dismantling the books, scooping out their insides and using the covers. Or cutting pages and photography into interesting shapes and reusing them for art projects or decor. That’s hard for me to consider doing. It’s not as if I have a limited supply of old books with yellowed pages to use. There’s just something about cutting away pages from bindings that troubles me.
Still, no one wants these old books. They’re so yellowed they’re barely readable. The best thing about them are their bindings. So, here are a few of the projects I’ve considered.
book planter [PLANTER]
cookbook [KITCHEN CADDY]
book purse [HANDBAG]

Dear readers, have you used books in unique ways?


Recycling books


I found another use for old books. I liked it because it represents the tug-of-war most of us bibliophiles experience. We love the heft of a real book but we’ve also come to appreciate the convenience of ebooks. I expect making the “pocket” within the old, yellow pages for my reader would be tricky and tedious. But ultimately, this storage idea is a clever reminder of mother-and-child relationship between paper and electronic books.

I’m tempted to try this idea using an old Sci-Fi book with a wonderfully cheesy cover image like this one:


Would you try it? What book would you use?

More book storage


I have a lot of books all over the house. My bookshelves are jammed. I pare down periodically but I’m always on the prowl for new ideas for book storage.

I found a clever idea for book storage worth sharing with my fellow bibliophiles, repurposing an old console television. I liked depth that this repurposed piece provides for quartos.