Bloom’s travel timeline

I’ll be spending Bloomsday in Dublin and in preparation I’ve collected the essential places and events in Ulysses in a timeline. I don’t expect to visit them all. While some still exist, others have changed dramatically or are completely gone.

I’ve planned a good portion of my day on Sunday around the events in St. Stephen’s Green. Those include readings and reenactments. And, of course, a bite to eat at Davy Byrne’s pub.

8:00am,Bloom is at his home on Eccles Street and at the butcher shop nearby
10:00am, at the Post Office on Eccles Street, All Hallows’ Church, the chemists and public baths
11:00am, in Glasnevin’s Cemetery for Dingham’s funeral where he’s snubbed by Menton
Noon, in the newspaper office of Freeman Journal, buying ad space
1:00pm, visits Davy Byrne’s Pub on Duke Street where he eats the famous Gorgonzola sandwich. On the way there he passes Burton’s restaurant where he’s disgusted by the piggish eating behavior of the men he sees there
2:00pm, at the National Library, where he encounters Stephen Dedalus. This is the setting for Stephen’s explanation of his Hamlet theory
3:00pm, at Merchant’s Arch, buying a book, Sweets of Sin for Molly
4:00pm, near The Ormond Hotel, where he follows Boulan, his wife’s lover, and later, outside the Ormond, he finds Birdie, a prostitute
5:00pm, an argument ensues in Barney Kiernan’s pub over Irish nationalism, and outside the pub, Cunningham’s carriage pulls away and a tin is thrown at Bloom
8:00pm, on the rocks at Sandymount Strand, he encounters Gerty McDowell and masterbates behind a rock, then naps on the strand
10:00pm, at the National Maternity Hospital, waiting for news of Mina Purefoy’s baby’s delivery, then he follows Dedalus to the Dublin red light district
12:00am, at Bella Cohen’s brothel he chats with Zoe, another prostitute, and Stephen breaks a chandelier, running away into the street. Bloom pays for the damage.
1:00am, on Beaver Street, where he and Stephen encounter W. B. Murphy, a sailor, who tells them adventure stories, and afterward they walk together back to Bloom’s house
2:00am, at home, Bloom offers to let Stephen stay the night but he declines. Bloom finds evidence that Boylan and Molly have been together. He is resigned to her infidelity.
4:00am, Bloom’s wife, Molly, reconsiders her life with Bloom



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