Everyday Fiction

Today’s the day my story, Tag, You’re It is featured on the online journal, Everyday Fiction.

This story started as an entry for NPR’s Three Minute Fiction, Round 6 contest. The prompt was for one character to tell a joke and for another character to cry. The story started as a 550 word flash piece when I entered it in the NPR contest. It wasn’t the winner but I liked the story well enough to reimagine it and give the relationships more room to develop, word count-wise. The inspiration for the story lies in both my work with families as a school psychologist and in my personal life. I have a couple of friends with adult siblings who have significant disabilities. As their parents age, my friends are increasingly called upon to take responsibility for their dependent sisters.

In Tag, You’re It the four young adult siblings’ relationships are tested as the result of a sudden tragedy. The narrator is left not only to deal with her own feelings of loss but with the responsibility of explaining what happened to her brother who is Autistic.

At the end of the story, there’s an option to rate it on a scale of 1 to 5. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to read my story and give it your rating.


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