April poems bring May stories

On the heels of poetry month comes May and its celebration of short stories. There’s no lack of opportunities to read, submit and celebrate the short story. A few of the online resources that embrace all things short story are Everyday Fiction, Story A Day, and Fiction Writers Review.

Everyday Fiction is sponsoring a month-long event asking readers to nominate their favorite online stories. The type of short stories eligible is unlimited – flash, micro, dribble – you get the idea. Their only caveat is that you cannot nominate your own story. There’s no prize for this event – just the opportunity to give your favorite story a shout-out and to see what others are recommending.

Submit your favorite story through the link below, or by joining their Facebook group. You can find the group by searching for FFC 2013 Short Story Month.


I haven’t chosen my favorite yet…maybe I haven’t read it yet. If you think you have an online story to recommend, go ahead and leave a comment.

These links will take you to the celebrations sponsored by Story A Day and Fiction Writers Review:





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