Tag, You’re It

Everyday Fiction picked one of my flash fiction stories up for publication. If you’re not familiar with their site, here’s a link: http://www.everydayfiction.com

Everyday Fiction is a subscription service where daily stories are delivered to subscribers by email. Subscribing to the site is easy and free. There’s also a tab on their home page to “Submit a Story.” I strongly recommend EF to any other flash fiction writers looking for an outlet for their work.

Why? A couple of the benefits of submitting are that if they select your story they pay for your story. They don’t pay much – just $10 – and they encourage writers to donate the $$ back to their group to keep the service going. Still, it’s comforting to be able to say, “I got paid for this one!”

They will also share feedback from their panel of readers prior to publication. I read my feedback from four different readers and found it beneficial. There were many positives but also a few suggestions about places in the story where they were less enthusiastic. They gave me the option to edit the story based on the feedback, which is unlike any other journal, magazine or online service that I’ve known.

On the last day of every month they publish the schedule for stories to be released. So, on April 30th, be sure to check the list for my story, “Tag, You’re It.” I know I will.


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