Book Spine Poetry

This week, I was inspired by my friend Mark’s clever idea: to use book spines as a medium for poetry. Mark stacked hardbound books and photographed them. Reading from top to bottom, a free verse poem was born. You can see Mark’s lovely Book Spine Poem in the photo below. I decided to try it, too. My result is the paean to Elvis.

With all of the books I had to choose from, the title “It Came From Memphis” spoke loudest to me. Then came my search for other books whose titles could support my idea. Finally, I had to stack them carefully for the camera. capture the image digitally and crop it.

When I started writing in high school, I focused on poetry and continued to do so during college. Then I took a short story writing during my junior year and was smitten. I still have affection for poetry, though, and this Book Spine project was a lot of fun. What inspired you this week?


Book spine poem too


One comment on “Book Spine Poetry

  1. LolaLu says:

    Very cool! I snagged on the project by being too literal, wanting to get titles to say what I wanted to say instead of the sideways quality of using titles as conceptual stepping stones to a new place. I do like putting used books together on tables and in bins such as “How to Get Rich in Real Estate” next to “Underwater: Recovering from the Housing Market Implosion.”

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