Is traditional publishing going the way of the Dodo bird? Self-publishing is growing by leaps and bounds. Yesterday, NPR featured an interview with Mark Coker, a self-publishing book distributor. He talked to Audie Cornish about the first choice of many of today’s new writers.

Today, a traditional publishing company’s newly minted CEO, Michael Pietsch, explained why he believes this is the golden age of publishing. He insists that the process of publishing and distribution is too complex for a self-publishing author to navigate and succeed.

I appreciated Mark’s optimism about the ebook phenomenon. I wasn’t as impressed with Michael’s focus on the money-making aspect of traditional publishing.

I haven’t self-published, yet. But I’m eager to learn more about it, especially since I’m a Mac user. I’ve heard that their iBook platform is more user-friendly than Kindle’s template.

Have you self-published? If so, leave me a comment about your experience.


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