Round 10

NPR’s Three Minute Fiction contest is up and running for Round 10, with a deadline of next Sunday, February 10. The premise for this round is a monologue format, left as a message on voice mail – because who’s still using answering machines? The idea is as old as, well, the nineteenth century. Because it was 1898 when Valdemar Poulsen invented a device for recording telephone messages. But it wasn’t until 1948 that an American named Joseph James Zimmerman Jr. patented the telephone answering machine. It contained a 78 record player inside that played the recorded greeting. But I digress.

Three Minute Fiction lured me into Flash Fiction a few years ago and I’ve thrown my submission onto the pile three times so far. I think I’ll try once again to meet their 600 word limit and tell a story that fits the prompt. Staying away from stalker messages, though. I suspect there’ll be a spate of those.

If you’re ready and eager, too, here’s the link:

The prize for the winning story doesn’t bring fortune but it offers fame. It will be read on the air and published in the Summer 2013 issue of The Paris Review literary magazine. Not too shabby.


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