Small Press

In the spirit of “locavore” eating, I’d like to propose a bit of locavore reading as well.

Get to know St. Louis’s young, very small publisher, Blank Slate Press.

One of their handful of authors received honorable mention for the Langum Prize in Historical Fiction. Kristi Blank Makansi is the editor. They’ve published just 6 volumes thus far and three of the six have been award winners. Their first crime novel will be released later this year.

Sadly, they’re not currently accepting submissions. But their site tantalizes us with this: “Please check back soon for some very exciting Blank Slate Press news.”


2 comments on “Small Press

  1. Exactly what honestly inspired you to compose “Small Press sugareeblog”?
    Icertainly enjoyed it! Thanks a lot ,Regina

  2. sugareeblog says:

    I read about Blank Slate Press in the St. Louis Post Dispatch and wanted to promote a local publisher. Then I discovered that she’s a member of one of my Facebook groups. I’m a native St. Louisan, and when I have the opportunity to highlight local talent, I take it and run.

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