Irish Writers

Here in the states, we have the National Novel Writing Month site that supports fledgling writers in their endeavors to get words on paper. In Ireland, they have, the home of Irish writing online. Now, has created the National Emerging Writer Programme.

Three of Ireland’s leading writers, Carlo Gebler, Sinead Moriarty and Declan Hughes, participated in creating the materials to support this new feature of the site, including a DVD, Have You Always Wanted to Write a Book?, designed to support emerging Irish writers and focus world attention on Irish writing.

You can access some of their materials through the web site. The DVD is available at

Carlo Gebler is a crime fiction and script writer, and teaches English at Trinity College’s (Dublin) Creative Writing Program. Sinead Moriarty is the author of eight novels who began her career as a journalist in London. Declan Hughes, best-selling Irish suspense writer, is also an award-winning playwright and screenwriter, and the co-founder of Dublin’s Rough Magic Theatre Company.

You can see the trailer for the DVD here:


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