Holiday goodies!

Full disclosure: I have not lately written anything or even looked at the items that patiently wait in my “In Process” folder. I’ve spent my time in my kitchen during the last week or so, with my creativity focused on baking holiday cookies and pastries.

Here’s the list of baked goodies that await next week’s festivities: toll house cookies, peanut butter kisses, chocolate mint bars, snickerdoodles, gingerbread men, iced oatmeal tassies with raisins and cranberries, ginger snaps, red velvet gooey butter cookies, sugar cookies in holiday shapes, and cinnamon swirl coffee cake. The dining room table is laden with tins of all shapes and sizes that hold the scrumptious fruits of my labors.

Happy Holidays, fellow WordPressers!

I’ll be back with more musings about writing and reading fiction, and reflections on psychology and other non-fiction interests in the new year. (I’ll very likely be a tad bit plumper, too.)


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