NaNoWriMo Day 2

So far, 3377 words written. Chapter One complete. I’m resisting the urge to edit. I’m more thankful than I can say for the scene outlines – they’re life savers!

Here’s one of the ah ha moments (so far): not having to agonize over every each and every word choice. Writing a novel in this format (no editing) is so different from writing a short story.

I’ve told most of my closest friends and family that I’m doing this. And my writing buddy, Mark, is keeping me on track.

I think one of the motivating elements in this story is fleshing out the teenaged characters. I have a strong interest in adolescent psychology and its been fun to infuse these characters with the unique teen issues, like Imaginary Audience, Personal Fable, and invincibility.

Next week, I hope to be ready to reveal an excerpt from the novel.

Stay tuned.


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